Coaching Approach

body, mind, spirit

In coaching, my focus is on the whole person – mind, body and spirit. My focused coaching process is in 3 phases – recover, rediscover, and recreate.

Whether you are a client who wants life coaching in general, are in an unhealthy relationship, or recovering from one, I will work on helping you gain clarity and insight into what’s holding you back from reaching your goals and potential.  You will discover what you are truly capable of mentally, physically, and spiritually.

This is a customized private coaching experience to help you remove the internal blocks that get in the way and are stopping you from living your best life and being your best self. I will have you dig deep within yourself to help you recover from setbacks, rediscover who you really are, and recreate the life you truly want to lead.

First, we will have an initial coaching meeting where I will ask you questions so that I can understand more about you as a person, your goals, and your desires.  We will set some ground rules for working together.  I’d like to better define and understand your goals and the outcomes you would like to achieve through coaching.  Why do you want to transform your life?  Why is this important to you?

I will take you through a process, which encompasses mind, body, and spirit and help you to…


Articulate a vision for yourself. What is the motivation behind your goals?
Break old patterns/habits/behaviors. How can you do things differently?


Focus on your core values. What is most important to you in your life?
How can you build new healthy habits and behaviors?


How can you build a new self, one day at a time and feel comfortable with taking risks?
How can you model the behavior, become accountable and maintain success going forward?

This is a journey…. you must take it one day at a time.  Using various tools and techniques, I will help you discover self-love and acceptance. You will learn to be kind to yourself through positive self-talk. Together we will bring what might be buried in your unconscious mind forward into the light of self-awareness so that you can change old or unhelpful habits and behaviors.  We can also better understand your energy levels and how this plays into your behaviors and actions.


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