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Geralyn is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Recovery Coach with a specialization in Health & Wellness.  She holds multiple coaching certifications including those in Addiction, Food, and Fitness through the Addictions Academy. She is also a Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index.

She is an active member of the Stability Network, whose members are living proof that you can thrive with a mental health condition, recover and achieve the life you want to lead.  Stability Leaders share their stories to inspire hope among those who struggle with mental health conditions and confidence among employers who might hire them.

Geralyn holds a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University. She maintains a holistic approach to coaching for the mind, body, and spirit.

Geralyn has over 20 years of Human Resources experience as an HR Executive working at Fortune 500 Companies. Her love for fitness is exhibited through teaching CIZE, Insanity & P90X Live classes.  She is an avid runner and cyclist. She loves inspiring others to find their own “inner athlete.”

Choosing to become a Certified Professional Life Coach originated from Geralyn’s unique personal experience. She has overcome her own battles and she personally understands the difficult steps you need to take every single day to be a healthy and happy individual.

Read Geralyn’s Story:


“I made a decision to transform my life.  I had an untreated eating disorder (ED) for many years. I am currently in recovery from this illness and it was through the coaching process where I was able to discover the right resources and support I needed in order to live a healthy life. I put in place new coping strategies for times when I’m under stress and surrounded myself with a team of people who supported me. I rediscovered who I really was as a person through a great deal of self-reflection, commitment, and accountability.  I was able to recreate my life….. I now choose how I want to live my life.

I’m in remission, but I still live with my ED every day. I have to make conscious choices about what I eat and how I view food and myself. I choose to live a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition, fitness, spiritual and mental connection. I’ve changed the way I talk to myself, now coming from a place of self-love and acceptance. The best thing I did was to believe in me. As a result of this mindset change, I’ve discovered my true purpose and passion.  I’m a Certified Professional Coach, Certified International Master Addictions Coach, fitness instructor and, best of all, I spend more quality time with my girls.

I’ve learned so many lessons through this journey and I’m passionate about helping others who struggle with addiction or want to transform their lives.  I work with clients who need to recover, have a desire to rediscover who they really are and then recreate their life. I work with them in an authentic, holistic way to create awareness around what’s holding them back so they can achieve their true goals and potential.”

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