“Before I crossed paths with Geralyn I had been circling the same familiar patterns for ages. I had blockages within myself that were standing in the way of me becoming a more enlightened and evolved version of myself. As I worked with Geralyn, she gently guided me, but she also stood as a foundation in which reinforced the strength I had within myself. This wonderfully natural born life coach has helped me change my life. I dove deep into the depths of myself and have been awakened to the many wonderful things that make me so unique. I have discovered what it means to value myself, love myself, and be assertive in life and relationships. I have come to know and understand myself on a more profound level than ever before. Our work together has sent me towards a doorway I could have never foreseen. Geralyn has had an enormous impact on my life as a supportive coach who had an acute awareness of when she needed to accelerate to move me forward, and when to take a step back and allow me the space I needed to find balance and clarity. Her energy was always calm and level-headed, this allowed me to let go of any judgment towards myself; to be pure, and unforgiving of the me I was within that moment.”

Kelsey Harrigan

Professional Personal Development and Spiritual Coach, CPC Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, ELI-MP

“Geralyn is a gifted and talented life and addiction recovery coach who can empower you to make significant changes in your life.

Immediately clients can sense her empathic and supportive nature.  The honesty in sharing her own story provides a comfort and security to clients.  Geralyn reflects on her own path towards the journey of self-discovery, evident of her deep understanding of what it takes to create new ways of choosing to live a healthy life. Along with the extensive and advanced certificates, together with the natural compassion to connect with clients, all combined to make Geralyn an exceptional person and coach. If you are willing to grow in your life, begin your journey with Geralyn.”

Debra McKay

Professional certified life coach, Certified positive psychology coach, Compassion Fatigue educator, Total Life Coaching Centers

“I’ve known Geralyn for a few years and she’s always inspired me to be a greater person.  Through her coaching sessions over the past few months, I was able to get a better understanding of who I am as a person and who I want to be, as well as the steps to get there.  With her guidance I was able to prioritize some of my goals and see what I thought were weaknesses are actually strengths. She helped me gain the confidence to use them to launch me towards my goals. I feel Geralyn’s coaching methods and process allowed me to come out of my rut and put me back on the path to personal success.”

Julia Arieno

“January 2017 I hit rock bottom.  I had just gotten back from Montana where I was on a ski trip.  Unfortunately, I was not able to ski because I had let myself go physically and I had no answer why and wondered how I allowed myself get into such despair.

I knew I had to make adjustments in my life that were going to make me feel better about myself and also try and find the answers of why I have sabotaged myself time and time again.

February of 2017 I checked myself into a health and wellness center to start kick my journey back to completeness.  When I started my journey a friend of mine suggested reaching out to Geralyn as a life coach.  I must admit I was a bit hesitant because I had no idea what a life coach was going to do for me.

I took the advice of my friend and I reached out to Geralyn, I figured what would it hurt?  So glad I did!

Our first meeting I was a little anxious because I did not know what to expect.  Was she going to brainwash me or try and sell me on something? Instead, I came away feeling like this was a person that really has a passion for helping people.

During our initial meeting, we discussed my goals, and where I want to be in my life and why.

We have been meeting now for 2 months and I can tell you that my mind is so clear, my direction in life is now on course and physically I am getting myself back together.  We are still working on a few issues but Geralyn has helped me see that it’s ok to put “YOU” first.”

Mike Seddon

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